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By Ed Yoder, MBA, MHA, FAHRA, RT(R)

March 2010 — Last year at the 2009 Annual Meeting, I became an AHRA Fellow and had the privilege of being able to place “FAHRA” behind my name, a badge I wear with quite a bit of honor. I have joined the ranks of some very distinguished AHRA members and I am honored to be included in such a class. A few years ago, my son joined the few, the proud, the Marines. I just about blew a gasket, as the whole Iraq incident had just taken off, and I asked him if he was crazy. At the time, he spewed forth a bunch of rhetoric about duty and honor that I passed off as military brainwashing. But when I achieved this fellowship honor, I realized just what my son was saying.  I realized that it is a distinguished membership, just like the coin a Marine gets (remember the slapping of the CRA coins? Very similar); it is a privilege, a badge of honor, and I wear mine proudly.

It was quite an awakening, filing for AHRA Fellow. It‘s sort of like when your child comes of age and tells you everything you’ve told and counseled him about life, which he now realizes was pretty much right on target! You are required to prove your worthiness of this status and it made me realize just how much I have accomplished over my imaging career and my association with AHRA. It really is a journey through the past – a sort of “This Is Your Life” journey.

My very good friend Carlos Vasquez was my sponsor and it truly was an honor having him stand up for me and say, only as Carlos can, “That Ed Yoder, he’s all right, man!” Carlos has shown me what it takes to be a board member of AHRA and has been a true friend and colleague—it meant the world to me to have him stand up for me! I received my medal, pin, and certificate from Penny Olivi, the president of AHRA at that time. Penny was one of the first people I ever spoke with at an annual meeting; her personality and glow is infectious. She bleeds AHRA and her insights are truly inspiring. Getting this award from her, one of my true idols, meant the world to me, as she is some one I look up to and often ask advice of.  Penny has been one of my true supporters, friends, and mentors on the AHRA Board of Directors.

So becoming an AHRA Fellow is something every AHRA member should strive for. The application process is a true journey back over your career and AHRA involvement. Becoming a Fellow puts your career in perspective, gives you a sense of accomplishment, and places you on a team with some very distinguished colleagues.

To apply for the 2010 AHRA Fellows program, download the application form from our Web siteThe application deadline is May 27, 2010. 

Ed Yoder, MBA, MHA, FAHRA, RT(R) is the administrative director of medical imaging at Winter Haven Hospital in Winter Haven, FL.  He holds a master’s degree in business administration, as well as a master’s degree in healthcare administration from the University of St. Francis.  Ed is a director on the 2009-2010 AHRA Board of Directors. He may be contacted at

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