Achieving Fellow Status

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By AHRA Staff

February 2010 — The AHRA Fellow designation originated in 1987 as a way to recognize members who have made a significant contribution to both the association and the profession of medical imaging management. As of 2009, only 105 members have received this distinguished designation.

There are 4 major categories evaluated for Fellow status:

  • AHRA Contributions (committee work, volunteer involvement, offices held)
  • Education (national certifications, higher education)
  • Professional Experience (imaging/healthcare management and non-management experience)
  • Professional Contributions (publications, awards, lectures) 

Each category covers a specific area for evaluation; items within each category are assigned a point value. Accomplishments may only be listed for credit in one category and section. Applicants must meet the point minimum for each category and may not exceed the point maximum. A minimum total of 120 points overall is required for Fellow status. Points are given for accomplishments that have been completed as of the application deadline. For specific questions on this, please contact AHRA staff. 

Documentation is required for each accomplishment—there are a wide variety of acceptable forms of documentation. The type of documentation submitted is specific to the category, the accomplishment, and the applicant. 

Some examples of acceptable documentation include copies of:

  • Diplomas or national certifications (Education)
  • Articles written, title pages of books (Professional Contributions)
  • Conference brochures or lecture advertisements (Professional Contributions)
  • Welcome letters or thank you letters from team leaders (AHRA Contributions)
  • CE letters (Education) 


AHRA Contributions that took place after 1999 (eg, activities such as committee assignments and continuing education) may be found in the applicant’s online Member Profile. Go to (you will need your member id and password) and select the View/Edit Profile option listed under Member Resources. For AHRA Contributions before 1999, AHRA staff is available to help research the archives.

In addition to supporting documents, a completed application includes the signed application form, the applicant’s current resume or CV, and sponsorship by a current FAHRA. A complete list of AHRA Fellows may be found online by clicking here

It is important to keep in mind that Fellow applications are not evaluated by AHRA staff. AHRA staff is available to help locate supporting documentation; however, the majority of the documentation should be provided by the applicant. All applications are reviewed by AHRA staff for accuracy before being submitted to the Member Recognition Team for final review and approval.

The 2010 Fellow application may be found online by clicking here. Completed applications are due May 17, 2010 and may be mailed to:

AHRA: The Association for Medical Imaging Management
490B Boston Post Road
Suite 200
Sudbury, MA  01776 

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure all application materials have been received by AHRA on or before the deadline. We strongly recommend applications be sent return receipt requested or via UPS/FedEx. 

If you are interested in joining the ranks of the AHRA Fellows, have additional questions, or need assistance locating materials, please contact Sarah Murray at 978-443-7591, x. 233 or

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