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By AHRA Staff

December 2009 — The AHRA List Server is an online tool that allows you to network with other imaging professionals, in one common place.  Many AHRA members take advantage of this exclusive member benefit and use the List Server daily to share valuable information with their peers.

Below is a recent discussion:

“I would appreciate hearing feedback regarding nurse staffing ratios for interventional radiology services. In particular, do your radiology nurses assume total responsibility for ICU and ED patients or does the ICU/ED nurse remain with the patient?” — Kim Lenner

“If the ICU nurse only has that 1 patient, yes, they sometimes will stay with our nurse, particularly if it is a really critical patient. Normally, however, the ICU nurse will not come down to the department. Our nurse and transporter go get the patient and then return him.”


“Radiology nurse assumes total responsibility.”


“In interventional radiology, radiology nurses assume care, unless there is 1:1 ratio.  In radiology, ICU and NIC nurses remain with their patients.”


“Any ICU patient that comes to the radiology department is always accompanied by the ICU nurse. ED patients are escorted to non-x-ray modalities (fixed radiology room in the ED) with appropriately skilled ED personnel, given the patient’s status.

“We presently have 2 RNs staffed in the radiology department due to our angio/interventional lab procedures, as well as sedation needs and RN supervision needs throughout the remainder of the department. The RN staff does book out early when RN skills are no longer needed for the day.”

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