Check Out AHRA’s New and Improved Online Job Bank

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By AHRA Staff

December 2009 — Be sure to check out our new and improved online Job Bank.  We’ve lowered the posting price from $500 (net) to $125 (net) per month, and simplified the posting process so that advertisers can easily submit their ad copy and billing info by filling out our online form

Advertisers are able to obtain to the online Job Bank form in 2 locations:


There are now 3 different ways advertisers can go about paying for their ad:

1.  Online: By setting up an online account with AHRA, advertisers are able to pay online.  A link to pay online will be provided to the advertiser after submitting their online Job Bank ad copy and contact info. 
2.  Invoice: An invoice will be emailed to the advertiser upon receipt of the job listing request. 
3.  Fax/Mail: A downloadable PDF is available to those advertisers who wish to fax or mail their payment info.  

Check out the Job Bank today!

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