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By AHRA Staff

November 2009 — In case you missed it, check out AHRA’s new Web site.  Users will find the new Web site easy to navigate and robust with many new features.  

The most obvious change to the Web site is the design.  It has a clean, professional design with features that are clearly visible.  AHRA has also joined forces with Health and The Joint Commission to have timely industry news on the home page.  “We wanted to add a feature that would not only keep our members up to date with relevant industry news and Joint Commission announcements” said Ed Cronin, AHRA CEO, “but also give them a reason to visit the site regularly.  Having this industry news feed is a great way to facilitate that.” 

Also new to the Web site is a rotating center graphic that changes frequently and calls attention to current AHRA events, featured AHRA members, and membership details.  In addition, there are several columns which detail a longer, more in depth event listing and other AHRA news.  

Site visitors will find the login process much easier, with access right on the home page. As before, after logging in, visitors can easily register for meetings, conferences, and seminars, or purchase products.  AHRA members can participate in the e-communities, check out the Sample Document Library or publication archives, easily access CE information, search for other members, find a job, and more!

Also be sure to check out online education offerings at the Online Institute, which is updated regularly with new opportunities for professional development and earning CE credit.

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