Attention CRAs: RACC Elections Now Online!

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By AHRA Staff

November 2009 — The 2009 RACC Commissioner election is going on right now.  The results of this election will determine which 2 leaders will help guide the CRA program through 2012.  You have until November 23, 2009 to let your voice be heard. Click here or go to

In accordance with RACC policy and procedure, the election is open to all CRAs in good standing.  The 2009 vote will elect 2 commissioners to serve for 3 year terms on the RACC from January 2010 until December 2012.  

What Do RACC Commissioners Do?

The RACC is made up of 6 CRAs and 1 non-CRA public member.  Together, the commission works to shape the CRA program, promote the credential to imaging professionals and to the greater healthcare community, and to protect the integrity and value of the credential.

RACC commissioners:

  • Determine policies relative to the CRA program, including certification eligibility requirements, recertification criteria and continuing education requirements, and fees associated with the CRA program.
  • Manage CRA appeal and disciplinary processes to maintain the integrity of the CRA program in protecting the public.
  • Bestow public recognition to those radiology administrators who satisfy all certification eligibility criteria and successfully complete the CRA examination, and who fulfill continuing education and recertification requirements established by the commission. 

Commissioners are responsible to:

  • Prepare for and attend all meetings of the RACC.
  • Respect and maintain confidentiality of information and protocols for representation of the RACC and CRA program in the community and with the media.
  • Establish the passing point for the CRA examination and assist in key verification as needed.
  • Participate in item writers and/or test assembly meetings as needed.
  • Vote on CRA policy and program issues.
  • Serve as a resource of knowledge, support, and counsel to staff, committees, and other commissioners.

In short, the commissioners you vote on to the RACC work hard to make sure your CRA credential continues to be a mark of excellence in imaging administration!

The 2009 RACC Commissioner Ballot

This year, there are 5 CRAs running for RACC Commissioner.  They were selected from among the nominees by the RACC Nominations Committee.

You can read their candidate statements below and review their full candidate profiles on the online ballot.

2009 RACC Commissioner Candidates

The following CRAs (in alphabetical order) are running for RACC Commissioner in the 2009 elections:

Russell L. Cain, CRA
Director, Radiology and Imaging Services
Antelope Valley Hospital
Lancaster, CA

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: I have been in healthcare for more than 45 years, a large part of that in imaging services, and for the last several years, as an imaging administrator.  When the CRA credential became available, I was one of its first supporters.  The credential significantly substantiates the background and qualification of its holder to imaging professionals and the healthcare community.  It is verification of the expertise and knowledge of the holder.  I have strongly supported the growth and development of the CRA program as a means of providing verification and substantiation of one’s professionalism.  I have served by helping to develop question items for examinations, and for validating the questions on the examination.
Bruce W. Hammond, CAAMA, CRA, CNMT
Executive Vice President
Diagnostic Health Services
Addison, TX

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: The CRA is the vehicle through which radiology administration can become a profession; it is up to the RACC and each CRA to work diligently to maintain the credential’s integrity and expand its familiarity. 

I am pleased I was able to facilitate the acceptance of the CRA by the American Academy of Medical Administrators ( as fulfillment of their testing requirements.  Accordingly, a CRA who becomes an Academy member is now entitled to apply for the CAAMA credential and become a credentialed member of the Academy.  This is just a first step in the expansion of the acceptance of the relevance of the CRA beyond a limited group.  As an RACC commissioner, I will work to expand the visibility and relevance of our credential beyond the doors of medical imaging.

I have been very fortunate in my career to work in situations where I have grown professionally and was allowed sufficient time to develop and learn the skills necessary to fulfill my duties.  The AHRA and now the RACC have been there for many of those years, providing access to educational programs, mentors, peers, and others to help me along my way.  I am in a position and have sufficient experiences both within and without radiology that I feel it is my duty to give back to the profession.

Steven M. Herrmann, MS, RT, CRA
Director, Imaging Services
New York Presbyterian Hospital
New York, NY

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: I am proud to be a CRA and recognize the significance of this credential. Being in this imaging field for 30 years, I have experience in various aspects of technology, education, and management, and will bring this knowledge to the RACC. I support the mission and functions of the RACC and will work to continue this line of vision and service to the CRA members. I have held many state society positions, am a life member of the AERT, and active in the ASRT for over 20 years.

I am honored to be named a nominee as commissioner for the RACC and promise to fulfill all designated responsibilities and work to continue the dedication of this autonomous body.
Enrico (Rick) M. Perez, RT(R), CRA
Administrative Director
Winthrop University Hospital
Mineola, NY

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: The CRA certification is and should be the gold standard for all administrators working in the field to achieve. The certification is currently included in many job descriptions as either a requirement or preferred for an administrative position in imaging. Having sat for the very first exam after many years in the field, I had many reservations and concerns: “What if I fail?”  However, after successfully completing the exam, my fears moved to pride. This led to my becoming more involved in the process for seeking CRA certification, including working on task forces to write questions—questions that could be used for the exam, and then the answers and their relation to the question. The CRA credential is now being recognized by the industry and governing bodies, so we will need to continue to explain what being a CRA means to the organization that hires one, and then what is necessary for the CRA to maintain his or her status. I believe my years and experience in the field and in healthcare, dedication to the AHRA and willingness to volunteer my time to assist in expanding the recognition of the CRA credential and education of AHRA members to seek higher levels of achievement will enable me to assist the commission to meet these challenges.   

Thank you.
Jacqui Rose, CRA, MBA, RT(R)
Administrative Director of Imaging Services    
Upper Valley Medical Center
Troy, OH

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: I am honored to be considered for a role in the RACC.  I have benefitted immeasurably from my participation in the CRA and AHRA.  The progression to CRA, to me, was a natural step because I believe in continued professional growth.  Therefore, promotion and support of the CRA program fits well with my personal goals.   

For some time, imaging professionals have suffered from a form of identity crisis in healthcare.  But, I believe the CRA provides the opportunity for us to end that crisis and elevate our profession.  Many commissioners have worked hard to add distinction to our credential and I would be flattered to be part of those efforts.  If elected to this commission, I hope to bring value to the RACC through my professional and personal experiences.
Voting in the RACC Elections

Voting in the RACC election is simple.  CRAs can go to the CRA Web site,, click the “CRA News” tab, and follow the link to the online ballot.

You will be asked to enter your CRA number (this is the number on your CRA wallet card) to verify that you are a CRA in good standing.  After that, you will be transferred to the ballot.  Simply click the boxes next to your 2 choices and hit submit.  Your CRA number is not tied to your ballot and your vote is completely confidential.

You’ve worked hard to earn your CRA, you take pride in being a CRA—help guide the program into the future by casting your ballot today!

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