The RACC: Becoming a Commissioner

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By AHRA Staff

October 2009 — Most people are aware that the Radiology Administration Certification Commission (RACC) is the governing body of the Certified Radiology Administrator (CRA) credential, but many people may not be aware of all that goes into becoming an RACC commissioner.

Nominated by the CRAs
Each year, in June or July, the RACC commissioner call for nominations goes out.  You may have seen it on the CRA Web site (  You may have seen it in the July or August issues of Link.  You may have also seen it in the CRA Update monthly email.  For approximately 2 months, CRAs are asked to nominate one or more CRAs they feel have the interest and drive to guide the CRA credential into the future.  Any CRA in good standing can nominate and any CRA in good standing can be nominated.

While the nominations are being made, the current chair of the RACC begins to set up the 3 person RACC Nominations Committee made up of CRAs.  He or she appoints a Nominations Committee chair and a second Nominations Committee member from among the current RACC commissioners.  The Nominations Committee chair then selects a third person to serve on of the committee who is a CRA but is not currently serving on the RACC.  

After the nominations deadline has passed and nominees have accepted or declined their nominations, the Nominations Committee does their review, keeping in mind not only the qualifications of the individuals nominated but also the current and anticipated needs and direction of the RACC and the CRA credential. 

After careful consideration, the Nominations Committee selects the nominees they feel would be the best fit for the RACC in the next few years.  Those nominees are moved forward to become candidates on the ballot.

Elected by the CRAs
The candidates are presented to all the CRAs through a confidential online ballot.  Every CRA in good standing is encouraged to vote.

The ballot includes links to a detailed profile for each candidate—with over 630 CRAs spread across 49 states and the District of Columbia, these profiles play a vital role in helping CRA voters learn about the candidates’ backgrounds and understand what skills and perspectives each candidate would bring to the commission.

CRAs have approximately 1 month to select their choices.  Each CRA is allowed to vote for 1 candidate for each upcoming vacancy on the RACC.  This year, the ballot will go live on October 27 and remain active until November 23, 2009.  There are 2 open positions on the RACC to be filled by the 2009 election.

Terms and Term Limits
Once elected, commissioners on the RACC serve 3 year terms that begin January 1 and end December 31.  Terms are staggered so that the RACC always has experienced commissioners serving alongside any newly elected ones.

Commissioners can run for re-election, but can not serve more than a total of 2 3-year terms. 

The 2009 election is unusual in that, for the first time in several years, there are no commissioners running for re-election—each candidate brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, but no candidate has previously served on the RACC.

What about the Public Member? 
While reading last month’s Focus on CRA article in the September Link, you may have noticed it was written by a non-CRA commissioner on the RACC.  This is the public member. 

The public member’s role is to provide a non-CRA, non-imaging professional voice on the commission. 

The public member is selected and appointed by the RACC from among a slate provided by the RACC Nominations Committee.  Like other RACC commissioners, the public commissioner serves for a 3 year term, and can be re-appointed to serve a maximum of 2 terms.

Last year, the RACC was fortunate to be able to appoint Phyllis Butterworth to her first term as public member.  Phyllis’ experience as director of public relations and marketing at Marion General Hospital enables her to provide the RACC with a fresh perspective on both the CRA credential and the profession of imaging administration.

Who Becomes an Officer? 
The RACC is headed by a chair, vice chair, and secretary.  These officers are elected each January for 1 year terms by the current commissioners from among the current commissioners.  Additionally, all officers must have served on the RACCfor at least 1 year prior to becoming an officer. 

Each officer may be re-elected for additional terms, but no officer can serve more than 4 years in the position.

Want to Know More? 
The RACC Policy and Procedure Manual is online on the CRA Web site.  This page also lists the current RACC commissioners and officers and their contact information.   Also, questions or concerns can always be directed to the staff CRA Coordinator at

If you’re a CRA, don’t forget to go to the CRA Web site at between October 27 and November 23, 2009 to elect the next commissioners to the RACC!


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